15-16 January 2020
The Mumbai International Luxury Property and Residency Conference 2020 was held 15-16 January 2020 at the ST Regis Hotel. The event included a conference dedicated to the latest trends in real estate investments and global mobility.

The event brought together top-tier companies from 30 countries.


  • Abhinav Outsourcings Private Limited
    Ajmera Law Group
  • APL Alexander Real Estate Ltd
    Aristo Developers Ltd
  • Avista Professional Corporation
    BEYOND Residence & Citizenship
  • Century 21 Global Immigration Limited
    Domenica Group
  • Future Consulting Group
    Office of Inward Investment
  • ILP Concierge Service
    Just Inter-Continental Services Inc.
  • Kalypso Marketing Corporation (Hideaway True Blue Inc.)
  • Leptos Estates
    Second Passport — Associate Company of Luxury Properties
  • Berkeley Real Estate
    Dream Estates Advisors
  • Maritime Realty Ltd
    SAYAMA Luxury Real Estate
  • SPIN
    Texo Capital, LLC